Nutmeg’s Resumé/CV


Me, right after the kittens were born, so I was a little skinny

First Name: Nutmeg

Nickname: Nutter Butter

Date of Birth:May 17, 2009 (approximate)

Weight: 10 pounds

Salary Requirements: $85 Adoption Fee (comparable to adoption agencies)

Seeking: A full-time position in an attentive adult-only family who: 1) will keep me indoors at all times (unless they have a screened in porch, I hope), 2) doesn’t believe in declawing, and 3) has a history of TLC for cats.

Colors & Markings: Orange/Black/White Calico-Tortoiseshell with white bib and paws. Domestic-Short-Hair but with extra tufts in places like my ears and between my toes and I have a fluffy tail.


I love playing in paper bags (the best toys are the free ones)

My duties would include patrolling our home, monitoring birds outside the window and cheering you up when needed by cuddling and making you laugh when I chase my toys.


  • Cuddling
  • Playing with toys
  • Cheek-scratchins
  • Giving kisses on your chin
  • Getting kisses on my head
  • Scratching my scratching pads and posts
  • Freeze-dried fish, fish flakes and liver treats


  • Cats
  • Unsolicited petting
  • Being lonely

Me, nursing my babies just before they went to their new families

Family History:
I don’t speak about my first year but you can probably assume I lived outside by myself without any people or other cats. Around the time I turned one year old I found myself as a pregnant teen so I went looking for help. I cased the neighborhood and decided to ask the Crockers for some help. They took me in and took care of me, and a month later, my 6 babies came. I was a good mama but I was OK when my babies went to live in their new homes.

During my first few months in my foster home I had ups and downs, being in a new environment and having maternal hormones and such. I didn’t know how to communicate with or interact with people back then and was very protective of my babies and myself. The people tried to let me go outside my room but I chased the other cats who were very afraid of me.

We worked really hard for months, consulting with various vets and behaviorists and practicing being sister-cats every day but I just don’t like other cats and I really want my own home. Since I’ve been living with my foster family I’ve become really good at interacting with people. Now I know how to have good relationships with them. I understand the rules of living in a human home much better now. And once you get to know me, you’ll understand me. Now when I meet new people they tell me how sweet I am, especially given that I used to live as a wild cat.


A guided cuddling session

My educational background has helped make me a very well-rounded individual. Here are the degrees I’ve earned:

2010, CKR (Certificate in Kitten Rearing)
I earned this through independent study. I didn’t even have to read any books about kitten rearing! Even though I was very small then at 7.5 pounds, I gave birth to 6 kittens (I got extra, extra credit) and fed and cared for them with very little need for extra help. I even taught them, by example, how to use the litter box even though it was fairly new to me as well.

2010, BPT (Bachelor of Playing with Toys)
I learned how to play with toys because I didn’t know what they were before. Now I excel in practicing pouncing on pretend mice and I like to play lacrosse with milk lid rings and plastic easter eggs.


While I sleep you may want to take pictures of me with your phone and put them on your Facebook page

2010-11, MGC (Master of Guided Cuddling)
I became expert in cuddling and holding people down so they relax more. Plus I enjoy a warm lap. I use purring to relax you as you give me the chin-scratchins that I ask for and long firm strokes down my back and sometimes pats on my rear. You must focus your attention on me and when I scrunch up my back it is to tell you that it is now time for cuddling without pets and I may go to sleep if I feel that you need more lap time. You see, I guide you through the cuddling and petting by giving you signals with my body language.

Health History:
I’m generally very healthy. But, I was recently diagnosed with very minor asthma. I need to take a tiny steroid pill each night with my supper but it’s easy (using salmon-flavored pill pockets) and very inexpensive. With steady doses, a home with limited environmental irritants, and a pro-active approach to healthcare it’s very unlikely I’d develop any related problems later in life. You can talk to my vet about it if you want. Other than that, I should just need standard yearly checkups and vaccines each May (I’m up to date for 2011). Also, I am spayed and have a microchip.


Turn out the lights, please

Contact Information:
If my qualifications meet your needs please email my foster-mom/recruiter at if you have questions or would like to set up an interview with me at my foster home in Chapel Hill. (I don’t know how to write so she is my secretary and keeps my calendar for me.)

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